Zack Rosenberg tells His 4 year old son that he is a rapist. Why? Because he loves Ruby Slippers and can’t get enough of them!

Zack Rosenberg tells His 4 year old son that he is a rapist. Why? Because he loves Ruby Slippers and can't get enough of them!.

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The Heffalump Conjecture

The Heffalump Conjecture

Heffalump Conjecture – Politicians, independent of ideology, in the presence of multiple verified facts and one Woozle will seek to fund Woozle related activity where either Woozle or funded activity emotively leads to increased votes and tenure in office.

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The Woozle Effect – Damaging Lives – Causing Deaths?

The Feminization of Domestic Violence in America: The Woozle Effect Goes Beyond Rhetoric…. Way Beyond.

The argument presented here makes three points. First, domestic violence is much more gender isomorphic than general violence within the community at large (and such data have been known for decades). Second, all males within the home are not equal. Husbands are not the same as boyfriends. Fathers are not the same as adjunct boyfriends or stepfathers. Third, any unchallenged imagery of the equations of U. S. domestic violence with male violence and, in turn, with father/husband violence creates unnecessary problems for fathers, for husbands, and for the integrity of the scientific enterprise, and, not inconsequentially, will expose some U.S. children to unnecessary levels of risk to mind and body.

Sep 22, 1999

..and it took another 13 years for VAWA to be left to die on the floor of congress?

As the history of politicization of domestic abuse and Intimate partner violence in the US becomes clearer, the “Woozle Effect” or “Evidence By Citation” becomes more and more amazing.

One U.S. societal reaction to and evaluation of poverty among its citizens was the concept of the “feminization of poverty.” In an analogous manner, the frame of reference of domestic violence has been to align women, rather than men, as the recipients of domestic violence. However, epidemiological surveys on the distribution of violent behavior between adult partners suggest gender parity. Similarly, in terms of child abuse, levels of fathers’ domestic violence toward their own children are more consonant with those of mothers’ rather than they are distinct.


The Lies – Deception – the Claims on Funding – the Politics – The Manipulation Of Government at both state and federal levels – the milking the system for Billions of Dollars for issues that did not exists and in-spite of clear evidence that show they did not exist …. Is shocking a big enough word?

Fraud may be too small a word.

Now this is when it gets truly amazing, because that is being said in 1999, and in 2011 the CDC finally reported on The National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey (NISVS) 2010 and reported much the same thing. On the face of it, and especially in light of the Executive Summary and Easy read that looks like a lie. But when you actaully look, read and check such things as Definitions used it turns out that the parity does exist, it’s just that after so many decades of parroting the Woozled Reality the CDC and so many others fear telling the truth and being asked if they are fools.

Is it any wonder that the CDC report was held up unpublished until the FBI got round to changing the definition of rape from it’s 1929 position to a slightly more modern but still gender biased 2012 position. So many have been happy because of course the new definitions mean that all past stats are null and void and it will take maybe another 10 to 15 years for cracks to really show up. Plenty of time to milk that cow more and make sure you have a nice retirement sorted out. Just when the Woozles were being put out of everyone’s misery, the Woozle keepers and breeders are back in control again.

More years of Woozle hunting required!

The full text of “The Feminization of Domestic Violence in America: The Woozle Effect Goes Beyond Rhetoric.” for those who simply can’t believe.

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Arundhati Roy On India’s Rape Culture

It’s not just a few Middle Class Women at risk when the Army can rape and abuse with impunity

In 2002 Law Professor Upendra Baxi stated that the political and government systems of India were Rape Culture. Baxi produces a detailed critique of how the governance and politics of India disenfranchise women, prevent them from being able to report sexual violence along with other crime, and concludes that this sets the stage for such violence to be a “perfect crime”. It does not require evidence to be suppressed, only that the victim have no recourse before the law.

Baxi stated;

Rape culture signifies ways of doing party politics and managing governance in which brutal collective sexual assaults on women remain enclosed in contrived orders of impunity.

He stated that he was obliged to speak out under the Indian Constitution which obliged citizens “to renounce practices derogatory to the dignity of women;” Baxi further said;

The ‘strong’ state makes itself possible by lawless and unconstitutional exertions and endeavours. It fosters practices of national integration that remain deeply and pervasively human rights violative; it emerges for the minorities as an ‘institutionalized riot system’; it remains a – ‘state in search of a nation’ and embodies a resilient rape culture.“.

Baxi, Upendra (August 2002). “THE SECOND GUJARAT CATASTROPHE”. Economic and Political Weekly 37 (34): 3519–3531.

“Fundamental Duties prescribed by the Constitution of the nation under PART IV-A to its every citizen.”. Constitution of the nation. The Government Of India.

Sudarshan, edited by Zoya Hasan, E. Sridharan, R. (2002). India’s living constitution : ideas, practices, controversies. Delhi: Permanent Black. pp. 54. ISBN 978-8178240350.

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The Politics Of Rape Culture

India has Eve Teasing, Bescharmi Moracha and Gang-rape Murders, but the politics of what to say and when Is the real shocking issue.


Indian women protesting outside the barracks of the Assam Rifles, Indian Army, Manipur following the rape murder of Thangjam Manorama in 2004.

I’ve been sitting and watching the world for some time. Little surprises or shocks me. I’ve seen death and despair close up, I’ve seen politics played out, and people coming and going. But, the Politics of “Rape Culture” is just about the most shocking thing I have ever seen.

I’m a basic sort of guy. I like basics. I do basic. When I come across something I don’t understand or don’t know about, I ask questions. What is it? Where does it come from? So, when “Rape Culture” exploded on the net in 2011, I kept asking and kept getting treated like dirt. I was told I was an idiot and a Men’s Rights Activist. I ended up calling rape culture a modern day Shibboleth, it was so mystical. You either wrote about it the right way or you were evil.

I went looking for the truth, and it wasn’t hard to find. What has been political and beyond abusive is how in telling that truth so many have done everything possible to keep it all quiet and hidden. The history of African American men and women working together in ground breaking ways to stop rape, including prison rape. The Truth and history is there for any to see and read about. I’m not rehashing it, because each time I look at the subject I’m now sickened by the racism. It really has shown me just how deep seated racial issues are in the USA. Continue reading

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Toy Soldiers

It happens every day. In fact, it is pretty hard to avoid it. There are some things that can only be understood with a slap on the forehead. Things so mind-boggling that one wonders how humans managed to evolve thumbs while being this mentally inept. Case in point:

I only saw one ridiculously lucky kid.

I could not make this up. Some jackass posted a Youtube video on reddit that showed a 6-six-year-old boy performing oral sex on an adult woman. This prompted hundreds of people to upvote it. Someone else on ShitRedditSays posted about it, demanding that the link be removed, and it took a day for any of the mods on Youtube and reddit to remove the video and link.

The comments are a thing to behold. If you are a male survivor, they are nothing new, but it is uncommon to see some many people openly supporting…

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Rape Culture – Blackwell Encyclopedia of Sociology

To Quote

“The Blackwell Encyclopedia of Sociology is the reference for students, researchers, librarians, and academics in the field. This ground-breaking project brings together specially commissioned entries written and edited by an international team of the world’s best scholars and teachers. With over 1800 entries / 3.5 million words it will define the discipline of sociology for years to come and provides:

  • Clear, concise, expert definitions and explanations of the key concepts written by leading scholars in the field
  • An essential reference for expert and newcomer alike, with entries ranging from short definitions of key terms to extended explorations of major topics
  • Materials that have historically defined the discipline, but also more recent developments, significantly updating the store of sociological knowledge
  • Introductions to sociological theories and research that have developed outside of the United States and Western Europe
  • Sophisticated cross-referencing and search facilities
  • A timeline, lexicon by subject area, and extensive bibliographies
  • Regular updates of new and revised entries and features”

Rape Culture

Joyce Williams

Extract – Rape culture is a concept of unknown origin and of uncertain definition; yet it has made its way into everyday vocabulary and is assumed to be commonly understood.

The award-winning documentary film Rape Culture made by Margaret Lazarus in 1975 takes credit for first defining the concept. The film’s narration relies heavily on jargon such as “rapism” and “phallocentric society” and is more illustrative than definitive in dealing with rape as depicted in movies, music, and other forms of entertainment.


So it appears that with a clear conscience – some have been saying “unknown origin“, “uncertain definition” and “The award-winning documentary film Rape Culture made by Margaret Lazarus in 1975 takes credit for first defining the concept“.

Now why do so few people know that?

Is lack of knowledge caused by Ignorance, or because the people central to the film were men, or prisoners, or dealing with rape in prison or because they were men of colour?

Maybe it’s all of the above?

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