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The Origin Of The Term Rape-Culture


Well, wikipedia didn’t have it, all wiki has is an uncited assertion. But I was just perusing one of my favorite perusing spots and at the bottom of the page I was on I read this:


I think that’s hella funny, or not really it’s actually twisted and sad that men in prison originally came up with the “rape-culture” theory and now whenever we talk about rape prevention, anyone who asks about male-male rape is derided as making a “what about the menz” argument.

Then we have the Film Maker herself – 15 Mar 2000

Subject: Re: rape culture

In 1975, Cambridge Documentary Films, produced a film titled “Rape Culture.” It included: interviews with women from rape crisis centers, women who had been raped,  male prisoners working against rape inside the prisons, authors and philosophers, Mary Daly and Emily Culpepper and an analysis of  media and culture starting with the movie “Gone With the Wind” and other movie to an analysis of Hustler magazine–focussing on popular myths about rape, particularly that women say “no” and mean “yes.”  This film was our second title, after “Taking Our Bodies Back: The Women’s Health Movement” and it was very extensively used in women’s studies throughout the United States and at internation feminist conferences.  In the 80’s we updated many parts of the film and included material from N.Y.Women Against Rape, Take Back the Night marches and the Big Dan rape trial. The term “rape culture” came out of long discussion that we had about exactly what we were trying to illustrate in the documentary and to my recollection it was the first time it was used.  Subsequently we saw articles and book titles using this phrase.  If anyone has any other information about the term we would be most interested.  Thank you, Margaret Lazarus for Cambridge Documentary.

Cambridge Documentary Films, Inc.
P.O. Box 390385 Cambridge, MA 02139-0004
ph (617)484-3993  fx (617)484-0754
cdf  @  shore.net




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