More WikiEdits – Thick and fast

Well it seems that telling Wikipedia that they have it wrong does get some fast action. So now it even mentions that men were there at the start and even hints at who coined the “Rape Culture™”.

A 1975 documentary film, Rape Culture, produced and directed by Margaret Lazarus and Renner Wunderlich for Cambridge Documentary Films, discussed prison rape in the context of a larger cultural normalization of rape.[2] In 2000, Lazarus stated that she believed the movie was the first use of the term.[3] Although the film discussed mainly male-on-male rape in prisons, modern feminist theory uses a broader definition of rape culture that includes non-prison society as well.

Bit of an issue still – cos if “Rape Culture™” has expanded from a male prison and outwards to non-prison society as well, doesn’t have to be Gender Neutral?

Ah well back to the edits! Maybe next time the page won’t be internally contradictory?

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