Rape Culture™

 MediaHound is surprised what he found when you ask questions, and just how hard it has been to get a straight answer.

Prison cellI have been surprised by the uses of the term “Rape Culture™”. It has exploded in the last 12 months, and I was surprised that no one using the term could explain it’s origins. So many could express opinions about what they believed it to be and mean, but none could say where it came from.

When I asked for information I was treated with discourtesy and even told that I simply refused to listen to women. I was even told that I was MRA. I actually took that as a compliment, as I do like to deal with facts and reality as a “Meddling Rational Archivist”; I look for sources and correct attribution. I don’t just accept what people claim, if the claims can’t be a backed up. An opinion is not the same as Data or a well drafted argument based on facts, reality or research.

So here is what my meddling has uncovered, with the help of a few kind people who treated my requests for information with good faith.

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