The Woozle Effect – Damaging Lives – Causing Deaths?

The Feminization of Domestic Violence in America: The Woozle Effect Goes Beyond Rhetoric…. Way Beyond.

The argument presented here makes three points. First, domestic violence is much more gender isomorphic than general violence within the community at large (and such data have been known for decades). Second, all males within the home are not equal. Husbands are not the same as boyfriends. Fathers are not the same as adjunct boyfriends or stepfathers. Third, any unchallenged imagery of the equations of U. S. domestic violence with male violence and, in turn, with father/husband violence creates unnecessary problems for fathers, for husbands, and for the integrity of the scientific enterprise, and, not inconsequentially, will expose some U.S. children to unnecessary levels of risk to mind and body.

Sep 22, 1999

..and it took another 13 years for VAWA to be left to die on the floor of congress?

As the history of politicization of domestic abuse and Intimate partner violence in the US becomes clearer, the “Woozle Effect” or “Evidence By Citation” becomes more and more amazing.

One U.S. societal reaction to and evaluation of poverty among its citizens was the concept of the “feminization of poverty.” In an analogous manner, the frame of reference of domestic violence has been to align women, rather than men, as the recipients of domestic violence. However, epidemiological surveys on the distribution of violent behavior between adult partners suggest gender parity. Similarly, in terms of child abuse, levels of fathers’ domestic violence toward their own children are more consonant with those of mothers’ rather than they are distinct.


The Lies – Deception – the Claims on Funding – the Politics – The Manipulation Of Government at both state and federal levels – the milking the system for Billions of Dollars for issues that did not exists and in-spite of clear evidence that show they did not exist …. Is shocking a big enough word?

Fraud may be too small a word.

Now this is when it gets truly amazing, because that is being said in 1999, and in 2011 the CDC finally reported on The National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey (NISVS) 2010 and reported much the same thing. On the face of it, and especially in light of the Executive Summary and Easy read that looks like a lie. But when you actaully look, read and check such things as Definitions used it turns out that the parity does exist, it’s just that after so many decades of parroting the Woozled Reality the CDC and so many others fear telling the truth and being asked if they are fools.

Is it any wonder that the CDC report was held up unpublished until the FBI got round to changing the definition of rape from it’s 1929 position to a slightly more modern but still gender biased 2012 position. So many have been happy because of course the new definitions mean that all past stats are null and void and it will take maybe another 10 to 15 years for cracks to really show up. Plenty of time to milk that cow more and make sure you have a nice retirement sorted out. Just when the Woozles were being put out of everyone’s misery, the Woozle keepers and breeders are back in control again.

More years of Woozle hunting required!

The full text of “The Feminization of Domestic Violence in America: The Woozle Effect Goes Beyond Rhetoric.” for those who simply can’t believe.

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